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- Model 379020A - Rotating Disk Thermodiluter



Proper dilution and conditioning of exhaust emissions is essential to obtain accurate size distribution and particle number measurements. The Rotating Disk Thermodiluter 379020A is highly regarded in the field of particle emission measurement, especially for sampling, diluting and conditioning exhaust from diesel and spark-ignition engines. And, it is compatible with a wide variety of TSI particle sizers and counters, including Scanning Mobility Particle Spectrometer systems, Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer spectrometer, Condensation Particle Counters, and the EAD.Combine the Rotating Disk Thermodiluter 379020A with a Thermal Conditioner Air Supply 379030 and an Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counter for solid particle number (PN) concentration measurements that are fully compliant with the EURO 5 specifications.

  • Adjustable dilution ratio with no tools or recalibration
  • Accurate dilution over two full decades
  • Built-in heater with selectable temperatures to avoid measurement of condensed volatile materials
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of TSI particle sizers
  • Model 379020A offers a small exhaust probe that is convenient for mounting in confined spaces

  • Combustion research
  • Diesel- and gasoline-engine emissions

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