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Model TT200 - Floating Surface Turbine Aerator


Floating surface wastewater aerator suitable for every aeration application, the world renowned for the highest aeration efficiency. The result is immediate, continuous, unbelievable barrage of dissolved oxygen that saturates the water. Aerators provide water quality management by adding oxygen and inducing circulation in your pond virtually eliminating algae growth, foul odors, insect breeding, fish kills, etc. The oxygen transfer efficiency of a Floating surface aerator TT200 can exceed 7,5kgO2/kWhr or about 12 lbsO2/hphr. Weighing barely over 100 pounds, can out-perform and outlast virtually every aerator in its class.

Shaft and Coupling Configuration

60cm (coupling 24mm), 80cm (coupling 24mm), 100cm (coupling 24mm), 100cm (coupling 28mm), 120cm (coupling 28mm), 150cm (coupling 28mm), IEC Motor 50Hz : 2.2 kW 1420 r.p.m., 1.5 kW 1420 r.p.m., 3.0 kW 1420 r.p.m., Without motor 100cm ( Coupling 24mm ), 100cm ( Coupling 28mm ), 120cm ( Coupling 28mm ), 150cm ( Coupling 28mm )

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