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- Vitrified Clay Pipe


TuffGuard is an ingenious addition to the bell of a traditional vitrified clay pipe. The reinforcement provides a cushion from damage, post tensions the ceramic bell material and allows for greater projection of the joint length.

The long term unsurpassed life of the vitrified clay pipe is maintained while constructability is enhanced. TuffGuard is often used with a NoLube seal. Joint pressure ratings exceed 40 feet of head, 17 psi.

The design incorporates the combination of properties of using the high compressive strength of ceramics combined with a post tension properties of a fiberglass/polyester resin matrix on the exterior of the pipe. The exterior matrix enhances the composite strength of the pipe by utilizing the shrinkage properties of polyester resin (other compression inducing materials are available).

Added impact resistance through the cushioning effect of the outer layer of fiberglass/polyester and extension of the polyester joint material beyond the ends of the ceramic bell are contractor friendly enhancements.

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