Skov A/S

Skov A/S

Tunnel Ventilation​​ System



Ventilation system for the subtropical parts of the world. The SKOV Tunnel system was developed for pig houses in the subtropical parts of the world, experiencing constant heat and with a need to lower the temperature.

The system

In a Tunnel system, the air inlet is placed at the side or the house end and is clad with cooling pads or installed with high pressure cooling. There are several types of air inlets for a tunnel system, and they can further be supplemented by cooling systems in the form of cooling pads or high pressure cooling. To create an airflow in the house, i.e. cooling for the animals, gable fans are installed at the opposite end. In other words, the air velocity cools the animals, and the higher the velocity, the lower does the temperature feel. This is all controlled by a house computer that manages the ventilation system based on a series of inputs and settings. The computer is easy to use and includes all necessary functions.

Extension options

A Tunnel system can be augmented with an alarm system, heating, and farm management.

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