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- Portable Turbidimeters providing Laboratory Accuracy


Portable nephelometric with highest precision according to DIN ISO / US EPA for water analytics, quality control and process monitoring.

The portable turbidity meters Turb 430 IR acc. to DIN ISO 27027 and Turb 430 T acc. to US EPA 180.1 offer  nephelometric turbidity measurement from 0-1100 NTU with full lab accuracy providing data logging including AQA and documentation.  This makes them  ideal  instruments  for drinking, well and ground water  testing  to detect even lowest particle contents < 1 NTU. A low detection limit is important particularly for drinking water  quality, since particles are carriers of  bacteria and viruses.

Additionally Turb®  430 turbidimeters are used in monitoring of surface and river waters, being important e.g. after special events such as flooding resulting in higher  turbidity levels, where  no ratio measurement is necessary.  In the field, the optional  field set makes it a mobile lab, unless the most complete instrument photoFlex® Turb - providing  photometry, pH and turbidimetry - becomes more convenient . An  optional  LabStation for easy lab use turns Turb® 430 into a convenient  small but powerfull benchtop turbidimeter. Therefore health and environmental institutions as well as water works use it for  field and lab measurements at the same time. The GLP compliant PC-software LSdata allows quick data management and documentation, e.g. for  tasks regarding  EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Highly accurate with AMCO Clear® calibration standards

The supplied polymer calibration standards are superior to Formazine guaranteeing higher accuracy and stability due to highly stable particle suspension:

  • Manufacturing tolerance of only ±1% for highest result accuracy vs. Formazine with ±7-10%
  • Non hazardous and easy to dispose
  • N.I.S.T. traceability

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