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- Model HTD and HF Series - Plate Chillers



HTD and HF Series Heat Exchangers transfer heat to a thin film of liquid falling on the outside of a plate. The refrigerant is contained on the plate’s inside.

stands for High Temperature Difference. Fluids are chilled or heated over large temperature differences, ranging from 5 degree F to 60 degree F. A relatively low fluid flow accompanies the high temperature difference.

stands for High Flow. Fluids are chilled over narrow temperature differences, ranging from 1 degree F to 2 degree F. The plate’s long, narrow geometrical configuration enables high fluid flow for low temperature differences. Equipment to accomplish these concepts has been researched and developed by TURBO engineers for years. Computerized engineering design and welding manufacturing now make available capable heat transfer equipment for a multitude of applications across the spectrum of Industry. This broad experience is now being put to use in fluid chilling, as well as the transfer of heat, for specific new markets. What makes these the world’s finest liquid heat exchangers? It’s in the experience that really counts. That’s where we’ve obtained the many differences that make these units the most cost effective in the industry.

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