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Turbo Smart is an innovative wet/dry vacuum pumping system, now available in Australia. The Turbo Smart stands apart from existing vacuum systems, because it constantly senses/monitors the negative pressure generated and adjusts the speed of the vacuum pump to maintain consistent performance, regardless of the ratio of air to liquid being aspirated.

Turbo Smart was designed in Italy to meet the demands of an energy conscious world. We believe we have gone a long way down the track of energy conservation as the Turbo Smart uses the performance capabilities of one vacuum pump to the full. The energy consumption is limited to the needs of the task at hand only.

Should greater performance (in terms of greater volume) be required, this is achieved simply by connecting multiple units of Turbo Smart in parallel.

Turbo Smart is available in two configurations.

A - 86m3/h
B - 105m3/h

There is no need to purchase another unit should the user require the higher performance of the Turbo Smart B. Conversion from A to B is quite simply achieved by the customer purchasing a password and entering it into the unit.

Turbo Smart is ideally suited for clean up of liquid spills, where the clean-up process requires the combined aspiration of air and liquid.

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