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- Model E10 - Filter



Eagle Filters' TurboMaster EPA is a new era in static filtration replacing ineffective and high pressure drop pulse filters to absolute cleanliness
securing static filtration system without changing any construction of the air intake housing.Pulse filters are widely used in power generation because of their low cost construction and regenerative nature. When an environment is moist and the filtered dust consists of urban or industrial emissions, e.g. hydrocarbons, soot etc, the pulse filters suffer. The initial efficiency of traditional pulse filter material is extremely low compared to EPA material and pulse materials tend to let water, salt and dirt trough to the clean air plenum when operating in moist conditions.

Eagle Filters' TurboMaster is three-stage static filter consisting of a F5 pre-filter sock at the outside together with a water resistant high efficiency material on the inside. Multilayer construction improves serviceable life comparable to F-class pulse filters.It is therefore possible to have a filtration system that is superior in efficiency to pulse filters and unique structure is securing mechanical integrity in all environmental conditions.In most cases the Eagle Filters' TurboMaster can replace existing pulse filters without any construction change to the existing mounting system.

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