Dürr Megtec LLC

- Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA)



MEGTEC offers SDA technology to treat industrial process gas streams, with applications in biofuels, incineration, iron and steel, mining and metallurgical, cement, and waste-to-energy, to name a few. Our SDAs provide effective control of SOx and HCl by the injection of calcium, potassium or sodium-based slurries. Unlike wet scrubbers, all water is evaporated, with no liquid waste stream generated. The dry materials often can be recycled back into the system, avoiding the generation of a waste stream.

Our SDA systems, proven to remove more than 98 percent of SO2, SO3, HCl and HF emissions, are designed for utility boilers typically burning low to medium sulfur coals, smaller utility and industrial applications, and combined HCl and SO2 control on waste-to-energy units.

When integrated with our pulse jet fabric filter and dry sorbent injection (DSI) technologies utilizing powdered activated carbon (PAC), they provide an integrated approach to high performance acid gas emissions control.

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