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- Model 700 - Hydroseeder Machine



The TurfMaker 700 is the machine for every quality minded contractor. Jobs requiring Sod Quality Results™ are always applied with a hose and require moderate to heavy rates of wood fiber mulch. With the Positive Displacement Pump, this workhorse will handle up to 300 pounds of 100% wood mulch per tank load and will pump through as much as 500 feet of hose. Applied for Sod Quality Results ™, each tank load covers 6,000 – 8,000 sq. ft. Never Clog with the Built-in Clear Water Hose Flushing System Cover as much as one-half acre of hydroseeding using 400 pounds of paper mulch in one tank load. Shooting distance from the tower ranges up to 125 feet. Apply premium mulches at heavy rates for Sod Quality Results jobs. Apply paper mulches at thin rates for jobs requiring budget pricing. Apply Bonded Fiber Matrix products as a substitute for erosion control blankets. Cut Labor costs by 75%.


  • Powerful Mechanical Agitation
  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Optional Self Filling with Auxiliary Tank
  • Optional Clear Water
  • Hose Flushing System
  • Hydro-Sprigging & Vegetative Planting
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix Products as Specified


  • Wood Mulch (100%) – 300 lbs per tank load
  • Paper Mulch – 400 lbs per tank load
  • Blended Mulch – 300 lbs per tank load
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix – 300 lbs per tank load

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 700
Approximate Empty Weight – Varies Depending on Options  2,100 lbs
Approximate Weight of Slurry in Tank  5,800 lbs
Approximate Loaded Weight – Varies Depending on Options  7,900 lbs
Typical Length with Most Engines  130″ – 142″
Skid Frame Width  47″
Overall Width  56″
Overall Height  55″

Standard Engine: Kohler CH 440. Other Engines Available.
Standard Pump: Rotary Gear, Positive Displacement
Trailer Option: Single Axle (5,200 lbs axle)

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