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Twin Screw Presses



Twin screw press for more capacity Also available as a mobile unit. Auger system individual design, Auger is a very flexible solution for transport of fiber, and there it minimal waste, wear and noise is also limited.

The S.B. Screw press, a simple but unique solution!

  • The raw slurry get pumped into the screw press, where a special designed auger the liquid out of the fibres 'wrings'.
  • The filter holds back the fibres and allows only particles < 60 my. to pass, that means that the reject water is slim and therefore easy to spread at the fields.
  • The auger drives vary slow, that means that there only is a minimum of wear on the filtei and screw.
  • The unique design on the auger and rotating fibre scraper makes the S.B. Screw press running very reliable, and with low use of energy.
  • The dry matter in the fibres can be adjusted from 9-40 % depending of your need;

Short about the S.B. Screw press!

  • Reduction on volume of liquids, which is very easy to pump and deliver.
  • Separates 10-25 % of the nutrients into the fibres.
  • Eliminates problems with accumulation of fibre in the Slurry tank and lagoon.
  • The fibre fraction can be pressed very dry; up to > 30 % dry matter, fibre is perfect for bedding, and composting.
  • Operation costs < 0,1 € / m3 slurry

Container solution!

  • 'Plug and play' The separation unit can be delivered as a ready solution, where only electricity and pipes for raw slurry and reject water has to be connected.
  • The container solution is easy and fast way to get all what you need; you produce the same day as you get it delivered!
  • Controlled separation. The facility has fully track at pressure and flow, that does secure the right amount of nutrients to be removed.
  • The auger system can be delivered to individual needs, both in length, height and right/left.

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