- Model Type 2270 - Sound Level Meter

Advanced hand-held sound and vibration meter that has everything needed to perform high-precision, Class 1 measurements in environmental, occupational and industrial application areas. Type 2270 is a highly versatile, cloud enabled, modular device platform with many optional application modules such as frequency analysis, FFT, advanced logging (profiling) and sound recording. Type 2270's two measurement channels allow it to perform sound intensity measurements according to IEC 61043, sound power measurements, and two-channel building acoustics measurements. Field measurements are supported with the Measurement Partner Field App, an advanced smartphone companion app.

  • General-purpose Class 1 sound measurements to the latest international standards
  • Occupational noise assessment
  • Environmental noise assessment and logging
  • Product development and quality control
  • FFT analysis of sound and vibration
  • Sound power determination and sound intensity
  • Dual-channel building acoustics measurements
  • Tone assessment using 1/3‐octave and FFT methods
  • Loudness and noise rating measurements
  • Low‐frequency building vibration according to ISO 8041:2005 and DIN 45669 – 1:2010 –09
  • Infrasound (G‐weighting) measurements according to ISO 7196:1995 and ANSI S1.42 – 2001 (R2011)

  • Measurement Partner Cloud support
  • Advanced companion app for field measurements – Measurement Partner Field App
  • Dual-channel input (microphone, sound intensity probe, accelerometer or direct signal)
  • 4.2 Hz to 22.4 kHz broadband linear frequency range with supplied microphone Type 4189
  • 16.6 to 140 dB A-weighted dynamic range with supplied microphone Type 4189
  • Inputs: AC or CCLD, External Trigger
  • Outputs: Generator and Headphone
  • Communication via USB, LAN, or GPRS/3G modems 
  • USB 2.0 host for connection to printer, GPS, weather station, modem
  • Plug-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (> 8h operation)
  • Fixed focus camera incorporated in underside of analyzer


Two channel measurement
Two independent measurement channels support applications where simultaneous measurement of two signals is required, such as sound intensity. It also allows Type 2270 to measure two transducers simultaneously, which halves measurement time for applications requiring multi-point measurement.

Consequently, applications like façade insulation measurements that use traffic noise as the sound source can be performed with Type 2270 alone, and don't need two sound level meters.


Remote connection

Access your analyzer from anywhere: Type 2270 allows direct operation through Wi-Fi, mobile connections such as a 3G, 4G, LTE external modem or by using LAN.

And with the new UL-1050 micro-USB “plug and play” solution for Wi-Fi connection in the field, you can remotely control and monitor your analyzer directly from the Measurement Partner Field App at a safe distance without disturbing your measurement.


Control and annotate your measurement with the Field App

The Field App is an advanced companion app to Type 2270 offering remote instrument control, display, annotation of measurement data and cloud support. It supports all annotation types such as note, voice commentary, image, video and GPS. All annotations are uploaded to MP Cloud for merging with the analyzer project in Measurement Partner Suite, transforming the way you work with your Type 2270 analyzer in the field.


Upload your data to Measurement Partner Cloud

Users who have connected their instrument to the internet can upload their measurement data to Measurement Partner Cloud in the field as soon as the project is saved.

The measurement data is ready and waiting for you (or a colleague) in a cloud archive in Measurement Partner when you get back to the office.


Post-processing with Measurement Partner Suite

Measurement Partner Suite BZ‐5503, in its basic configuration, comes with your hand-held analyzer (see product data sheet). It is Brüel & Kjær's state‐of‐the‐art data viewing and post‐processing toolbox for environmental noise and vibration. The free, basic configuration provides Measurement Partner Cloud support, Field App support, data archive, preview and export capabilities, software maintenance and online display.

Additional valuable data analysis and post‐processing tools are available on a time‐limited subscription basis. You only pay for what you need, when you need it, with no penalty should your subscription lapse.

The user interface of Type 2270 software packages is available in more than 20 languages.

Annotate on the go
Press the commentary button and record voice comments on a separate microphone with a dedicated channel either before, during or after a measurement. The comments file is then attached to the measurement project as documentation.

Smart transducer database
Many transducers can be connected to the instrument, and once one has been used it is remembered by the transducer database. Simply selecting it from the menu automatically attaches all the relevant data to the measurement, including the transducer's last calibration. Polarisation voltage is also set automatically.

Automatic windscreen correction
Type 2270 automatically detects when you mount and removing the windscreen, and applies the corresponding correction filter. The specific windscreen information is saved permanently with the measurement setup and data.

Application modules as the need arises
The software concept of Type 2270 allows you to configure the instrument to precisely match your requirements, using your preferred combination of application modules. Additional modules can be purchased as required – and simply installed with a new license. In this way, your investment is securely protected as your measurement platform can expand along with your needs. All application modules are constantly maintained to ensure our sound level meters always comply with the very latest international standards.

Vibration enhancements
The Enhanced Vibration and Low Frequency Sound option adds additional single- and dual-axis vibration capabilities. Time-domain integration and bandpass filltering allow measurement of Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) useful for monitoring buildings near blasting, construction and mining. A wide range of human vibration filters is also available.

Signal recording in high resolution
The signal recording option on Type 2270 allows you to record the input signal in either 16-bit or 24-bit recording. Use 16-bit recording with Automatic Gain Control when you just need to listen to the signal to identify noise sources, use 24-bit when you want to perform an analysis in Measurement Partner Suite during post-processing.


Touch-sensitive screen and key pad
The large colour screen presents a wealth of information clearly, and is highly customizable, making interaction easy and intuitive. Buttons give single-click access to the most important and frequent commands like start/pause, save, voice comment and event marking.

Select the night-time colour scheme and you can easily read the display without disturbing your night vision, while the keys are gently backlit.

  • Clear feedback on measurement quality: Immediate, detailed feedback about measurement quality comes from features such as a 'smiley face' quality indicator and a 'traffic light' system – informing you of measurement status even from a distance.
  • Smart transducer database: Many transducers can be connected to the instrument, and once one has been used it is remembered by the transducer database. Simply selecting it from the menu automatically attaches all the relevant data to the measurement, including the transducer's last calibration. Polarization voltage is also set automatically.


Weather station kits

Weather conditions affect the propagation of sound and need be taken into account when measuring noise outdoors. Capture weather data directly on your Type 2270 using Brüel & Kjær’s two or six parameter weather station kits. Back in the office, post-process your data in Measurement Partner Suite, automatically selecting portions of your data within your weather 'window'.


Automatic windscreen correction

Types 2270 automatically detects when you mount and remove the windscreen, and apply the corresponding correction filter. The specific windscreen information is saved permanently with the measurement setup and data.

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