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Model Type 4600 - Stern Tube Seals



The water-lubricated stern tube seals type 4600 from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution. They meet all technical requirements of modern sealing technology: modular design, convenient installation, little maintenance, no adjustments. Type 4600 water-lubricated stern tube seals are virtually leak-free and are leaving no oil or grease residues in the waterway. And because they prevent getting water into the bilge, no elaborate actions are required for its disposal. 

  • Water-lubricated
  • No oil or grease emissions to the environment
  • Low power consumption
  • Carbon seal face unsplit for first installation, split for repairs
  • Version with split mating ring available
Shaft diameter:
d1 = 50 … 320 mm (1.97' … 12.60')
Pressure: p = 2 … 7 bar (29 ... 102 PSI)
t = -5 °C … 40 °C (23 °F… 104 °F)
Speed range: n = see diagram

Allowed shaft movements
Axial: ±5 mm,
Radial: Shaft diameter (d1) up to 200 mm: ±2 mm,
>200 mm: ±3 mm

Flushing: approx. 1 l/h per Millimeter of shaft diameter (d1)
Seal face: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B)
Mating ring: Special cast CrNiMo steel
Collar: Nitrile-butadiene rubber (P)
Face housing: 1.4571 (G)
Clamp ring: 1.4572
Springs: Hastelloy® C-4 (M)
Housing: Bronze / 1.4571
Gasket Burasil® (Y)
  • Shipbuilding
  • Sea water
  • Fresh water
Special designs available:
  • Split mating ring
  • Amagnetic properties
  • Shock resistance

A Barrier medium IN (G1/2')
connection possible for SPI2063
B Barrier medium OUT (G1/2')
C Process medium (G1/2')
D Coolant IN (tube 15 x 1.5)
E Coolant OUT (tube 15 x 1.5)
F Connection for SPN (G1/8')

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