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Model Type VI S - T - Slanting Mixer



The requirements for a mixer which mixes the material as carefully as possible within short time featuring sealing problems as few as possible have been met for years by developing the Slanting Mixer Type VI S. By arranging the mixing trough under 45 degrees it is possible to move the product horizontally, vertically and radially by means of a slow moving mixing blade. The main conveying direction is always to above into the free space, i.e. the material is very carefully moved.

Due to the slanting arrangement of the trough it was possible to prepare the shaft leadthrough of the mixing blade being unilaterally supported above the mixing level. Thus sealing was made more easy. By fitting the mixer with a bottom to swing out sidewise cleaning can simply and safely be effected.

The important success with the Slanting Mixer Type VI S which has already been used in the chemical industry as vacuum dryer encouraged us to develop the Vacuum Slanting Dryer Type VI S-T for the pharmaceutical industry; a machine meeting the requirements of this industry.

The trough, the front surfaces and the feeding opening are jacketed for heating by steam, water or heating oil. The vacuum nozzle is arranged at the highest possible part of the trough.

The slow moving mixing blade shaped as an interrupted ribbon conveys the material to be dried to above into free space. Thus a continuous material exchange at the heated walls as well as the mixing surface is ensured. For numerous materials there will be a powdertype dry product.

The mixing shaft is equipped with an axial seal ring which has specially been developed for the pharmaceutical industry. All product wetted parts are electro-polished. All Vacuum Slanting Dryers are individually manufactured. Therefore any requirements concerning material, feeding or discharge etc. can be considered. The sealings are selected subject to the requirements of the material to be dried and the requested temperature.

The dryers are manufactured in the sizes from 40 to 2000 l working capacity. A dryer with 40 l working capacity is available for trials in our AMK technical department.

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