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The TYRANNOSAURUS SRF Process turns waste into high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). The plant consists of highly robust, heavy-duty, industrial design equipment. All machines are created and optimized to work together to deliver an extremely efficient waste to fuel plant. The plants are highly automated and delivered as turn-key.

An extremely wide range of waste types can be processed. The TYRANNOSAURUS Process has been developed to enable everything from household and commercial waste to industrial waste and difficult mono fractions to be turned into high quality SRF. Furthermore, tyres can be chipped with the TYRANNOSAURUS equipment into TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) with high capacity in a truly industrial manner, including bulk feeding.

The TYRANNOSAURUS FEEDER functions like a buffer as it feeds the optimum amount of waste into the process, in turn guaranteeing a maximum production capacity.

The TYRANNOSAURUS WASTE SHREDDER reduces any material of any size into for example 80 mm in one single phase. As a result, the equal particle size and even flow out of the shredder guarantee success for the following separation equipment.

Ferrous metals are separated by belt magnets, while sand, soil, organics and other small heavy and wet particles are separated by the TYRANNOSAURUS FINES SCREEN. Conductive metals, such as aluminium and copper, are separated by eddy current separators. The heavy fraction, which consists of inert material such as stones, glass, concrete, rest metals and heavy organic fractions - is separated by the TYRANNOSAURUS AIR CLASSIFIER.

The end product of the TYRANNOSAURUS Process - the SRF - is light fluff, which predominantly consists of two-dimensional material, such as plastic foils, paper, card-board and textiles. If the combustion process calls for a smaller particle size, a TYRANNOSAURUS FINE SHREDDER is added that enables the fraction to be shredded further down to for example 20 mm.

SRF produced by the TYRANNOSAURUS Process is clean, standardized fuel that contains a high calorific value. This fuel can be used in different types of power boilers, cement kilns, as well as other industrial combustion processes.

Finally, the unique feature of the TYRANNOSAURUS Process is its ability to turn the entire feedstock into high quality reusable fractions.

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