United Equipment Technologies (UET) Mixers, Inc.

- Model XCEL-300 to 1500 Series - Mixers



XCEL-300 to 1500 Series mixers are engineered and manufactured specifically for the demanding operating parameters associated with mixing applications. Standard designs are available with pumping rates up to 500,000 gpm. These mixers are ideal for chemical and food processing, pulp and paper, and water and waste treatment applications.

The XCEL-300 to 1500 mixers feature gearboxes with fabricated housings and with helical and spiral bevel gear combination. Large diameter output shafts accommodate the high bending moment loads common in difficult mixing applications.

  • HP Ratings: Up to 1000 HP
  • Speed Range: Up to 350 rpm output
  • Motor: Foot mounted in TEFC,XP
  • Gear Drive: Helical and Bevel gear configurations, double and triple reduction
  • Pumping Rates: Up to 500,000 gpm
  • Impellor: Hydrofoil for highest efficiency
  • Shaft: UP to 50ft. long without a steady bearing
  • Mounting: Baseplate or flange mount
  • Compliances: CSA, CE, ATEX, ASME

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