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Model UF V 500 - Ultra Low Temperature Freezers



Ultralow temperature freezers can be used for the long-term storage of samples at ultralow temperatures. Providing maximum security and reliability, BINDER units are suitable for biological, chemical, and medical samples. These state-of-the-art ultralow temperature freezers operate within a temperature range of between -40 °C and -86 °C, guaranteeing a constant low temperature that can be adjusted to the accuracy of one degree. Whether your applications are within the pharmaceutical, medical, life sciences, plastics, food, or electronic components industry, BINDER ultralow temperature freezers are incredibly versatile. They never fail to impress with their reliable performance, extensive adjustment options, and excellent usability.

All BINDER ultralow temperature freezers feature a multi-level safety concept and reliable protection against unauthorized access. A unit's electromechanical door lock and, depending on the version, RFID access control help here too. Great care is taken to manufacture the ultralow temperature freezers using innovative technologies. They are available in versions with different voltages and with the door hinged on either the left or right.

BINDER ultralow temperature freezers for cooling at temperatures as low as -86 °C

The temperature of BINDER ultralow temperature freezers can be adjusted to the accuracy of one degree. The ambient temperature is monitored by a controller, which emits a visual or acoustic alarm if a preset value is exceeded. The temperature controller's keypad can be locked to ensure maximum security and the adjustment menus can be password-protected.
BINDER ultralow temperature freezers are easy to clean thanks to their premium stainless steel finish and smooth surfaces on the inside.
These units can be relied upon for the long-term storage of samples at low temperatures and they also help make your workflows efficient and guarantee maximum process reliability. A range of accessories is also available for the units to suit specific needs.

  • Temperature range: -40 °C to -86 °C
  • Thermal insulation using vacuum insulating panels and PUR foam
  • Electromechanical door latch
  • RFID controlled Access (depending on version)
  • Data Logger USB (depending on version)
  • Water cooling (depending on version)
  • Battery-backed alarm system
  • Inner chamber made of stainless steel

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