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- Ultra-Low NOx Gas Burners For Commercial and Industrial Boilers and Process Heaters



Premixed Surface-Stabilized Combustion: ALZETA CSB burners use patented fully-premixed surface-stabilized combustion technology to provide our customers with the simplest ultra-low NOx solution in the industry. Premixing fuel and air assures complete combustion, with minimal generation of CO and unburned hydrocarbons. Surface stabilization guarantees reliable operation at the ultra-lean and high FGR conditions required to meet today's most stringent NOx emissions levels. The rugged all metal construction of the CSB is ideal for use in firetube boilers, water tube boilers, and industrial process heaters.

  • Proven Performance -- Whether your application is a hot water boiler, a firetube boiler, or a package watertube boiler, ALZETA provides a solution that has been proven in the field to provide reliable performance in a broad range of boiler and heater designs.
  • Guaranteed Emissions Compliance - For ultra-low NOx requirements of 12 ppm, 9 ppm or lower, ALZETA has a track record of successful compliance tests. CO and VOC emissions are also comfortably below regulatory limits. We guarantee a successful source test.
  • Superior Support and Service - With a 20-year history of leading edge burner development, a staff of experienced engineers, and well trained service organizations covering areas of major sales activity, we provide around the clock support and service to our


The tight burner configuration and high volumetric heat release rate typical of firetube boilers is an ideal configuration for compact and distributed flame envelope of the ALZETA CSB. The CSB operates at single-digit emissions levels in firetube boilers.

The CSB is a proven performer in package watertube boilers as well. The burner works well in all common package boiler configurations, reaching single-digit NOx emissions levels in all sizes.

Process applications including oil and process air heating benefit from the uniform flux and excellent flame stability of the CSB. Uniform flux is critical in sensitive-fluid heating applications, and the CSB is a proven performer in this application. Process air applications benefit from the stable operation of the CSB over a broad range of load conditions and process air temperatures.

  • Ultra-low NOx over complete product range
  • Ultra-low CO and unburned hydrocarbon emissions
  • Emissions levels meet all BACT requirements
  • Minimized capital and startup costs
  • Modular design minimizes maintenance costs

  • Fully premixed design
  • Surface stabilization with porous burner surface
  • Rugged all metal contruction
  • Industry standard flame safeguard and combustion controls
  • Systems designed to meet UL, IRI, FM and/or NFPA.

  • Commercial hot water and low pressure steam boilers
  • Commercial firetube and watertube boiler configurations
  • Industrial steam in firetube boilers
  • Industrial steam in package watertube boilers
  • Temperature sensitive fluid heating
  • Process air heating

  • High performance characterizable gas valves
  • Custom windbox and fan layouts
  • Parallel positioning and fully metered fuel-air ratio control
  • Oxygen trim feedback control
  • Flue gas recirculation

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