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- Model MultiRay Series - Medium Pressure UV Systems for Swimming Pools


ULTRAAQUA’s MultiRay Series is designed and optimized for advanced photooxidation processes as well as general disinfection. It is also ideal for chloramine reduction in swimming pools and various chemical compounds in industrial wastewater.

Energy efficient operation has been of highest priority in the design. This is reflected by main features such as:

  • Market leading MPUV lamp technology
  • Specifically adapted electronic high frequency lamp drivers
  • Automatic lamp dimming
  • Automatic diurnal power control
  • Insignificant head loss due large connection flanges and hydraulically optimized reactor bodies

There are several other very important features that proves the quality and user friendlyness of these systems:

  • 6″ high-resolution touchscreen
  • Intelligent PLC control
  • Electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L construction
  • Manual or fully automatic wiper system
  • Operating pressure up to 10 bars
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance


Low pressure or medium pressure technology in swimming pool water treatment systems

Low pressure (LP) UV lamps are approximately three times more energy efficient than medium pressure (MP) lamps at the same disinfection capacity. Still, in swimming pool applications, we recommend ULTRAAQUA MultiRay UV systems, due to their ability to destruct problematic chloramines. In fact we have been able to develop an MPUV lamp that so effectively removes chloramines, that it has become more energy efficient than the most effective LP UV lamp alternatives.

Low pressure or medium pressure technology for water or wastewater disinfection

Energy usage is higher with medium pressure lamp technology, however reduced consumable components, and labor can make over all operation and maintenance costs very similar. Medium pressure UV lamps have a significantly higher lamp power rating which can reach up to 20 kW per lamp. Hence fewer lamps are required, resulting in very compact design and consequently less footprint. This makes medium pressure reactors especially easy to retrofit into existing facilities or install in new facilities because of the small footprint and DIN/ANSI flanged connections.

UV based advanced oxidation processes, AOP

A growing number of utilities consider the use of AOP processes for degradation of organic micro pollutants like pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Despite the fact that O3/MPUV is more stoichiometrically efficient at generating hydroxyl radicals than H2O2/MPUV the O3/UV process is less energetically efficient for generating large quantities of hydroxyl radicals due to the low solubility of O3 in water compared to H2O2. Thus, operational costs are expected to be higher if large amounts of contaminant are present. In general we recommend H2O2 based solutions.

Manual or automatic wiper systems

ULTRAAQUA MultiRay UV systems are as standard equipped with manual quartz sleeve and UV sensor wiper system. This will typically work well in swimming pools systems as fouling builds up slowly. However, in order to make sure that the system operates effectively at all times we recommend automatic cleaning. This system is based on a servomotor, long life PTFE wipers and only few other components. In applications such as drinking water or wastewater disinfection automatic cleaning is generally necessary.

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