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- Ultrafine Traveling Band Screens



Claro is pleased to offer the CF ultra-fine traveling band screen designed specifically for water and wastewater screening applications that require an exceptionally high degree of screenings debris capture. The CF unit is ideally suited for the protection of very sensitive process equipment such as membrane technologies and floating and fixed media where screenings debris carry-over is unacceptable. Its unique construction captures heavier particles that sediment, such as sand and grit, and lighter fine particles such as hair and fine fibers.

  • Filter belt mesh perforation size: 3 mm x 3 mm and finer
  • Screenings carry-over is prevented by a perforated plate filter belt that has a separate screenings and clean-water side. Influent is screened as it passes through the inlet side of the filter and enters into a clean water zone that is isolated from the unscreened flow.
  • Gentle separation and handling of screenings material = very fine separation.
  • Integrated screenings wash press screw compactor washes organics off of captured grit and screenings debris and is equipped with an innovative screenings cutter that efficiently shreds washed screenings
  • Entire filter belt assembly easily swings out of channel for inspection
  • Flush water can be recirculated due to the unit's unique design
  • Reject water from the integrated screenings wash press screw compactor is redirected back through the filter for additional fine filtration
  • Available for installation in a channel or in a free-standing stainless steel.tank
  • Ideal for municipal and industrial applications and the protection of very sensitive process equipment
  • Fully-enclosed, odor-controlled, ultra-hygienic operation
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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