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- Model CHF 1,800.00 - Nano-Filtration Membrane System


Up to 99.9 % clean water by nanofiltration down to 0.1 nanometer through the specially developed Umuntu Eco-Membrane, patent pending. Tested on over 520 foreign & pollutants including microplastics, glyphosate, pharmaceutical residues and nitrate. The Umuntu Eco-Membrane has a shelf life of 5 years. Only then must the membrane be replaced.

The Umuntu nanofiltration system is installed on your water household and ensures permanently pure and pollutant-free water.

The filter system has been tested by an accredited laboratory for more than 520 pollutants. CE certificate for food safety. 100% recyclable materials according to ISO standard and drinking water regulation as well as NSF standards. Climate neutral development and production.

All water-carrying parts are made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4401 and 1.4521 according to DIN EN 10088, DIN EN 10312, DVGW worksheet GW 541, system approval for connectors and pipes according to DVGW worksheet W 534, for drinking water installations according to DIN 1988. The hoses are made of food safe polyethylene and NSF and FDA certified.

  • 100% recycling of filter and membrane by return to Umuntu GmbH
  • Individualization of the filter system according to customer requirements
  • Installation type: Undercarriage or desktop unit
  • Sound or Quiet: Umuntu with or without bubble
  • Water according to individual needs: special mineralization or water refining by special filling of the naturalizer
  • Optimal faucets: Bypass filter-compliant faucets as 2- to 4-way system

60l / h (1 liter per minute); any increase as required

180W - 220V - 50Hz

150l / h - Rotary vane pump for high pressure in brass, NSF-certified

Umuntu Eco membrane   
Umuntu Eco-Friendly 200GDP membrane

13 kg

405mm x 104mm x 475mm

Electronic control unit as protection mechanism of the pump   
Anti-leakage sound sensor with block functions for incoming water. Acoustic signal when filters are exhausted. Automatic membrane flushing every eight hours.

Carbonated water   
Same model + 1 liter CO2 cartridge for an extra charge

Input 3/8 inch, output ¼ inch

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