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- Model 600 PRESS - Filter Belt Presses



Belt filter presses are primarily used for sludge dewatering prior to drying or disposal. They are a continuously operating machine which dewater sludge by pressing it between two Porous filter belts.  They are commonly installed in waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, food and dairy industries, abattoirs and pulp and paper industries.

Lowest Whole Life Cost

  • The Unison 600 range of filter belt presses will provide the lowest whole life cost for most dewatering applications.

Highest Dewatering Capacity

  • Longest pre dewatering gravity drainage section eliminating the need for costly pre thickening on thin sludge's.
  • Unique high pressure dewatering is available with 10 or 12 pressure rollers within the same frame design
  • Roller layout design guarantees gradual and increasing pressure on the sludge providing best throughput and output day solids results
  • Machine mounted hydraulic power pack for a unique hydraulic tension system guarantees availability of the highest pressure in the industry.
  • All machine structures and rollers have been designed using full FEA and 3D systems to guarantee highest factor of safety at the highest tension forces.

Lowest Flocculent Consumption

  • Proprietary flow specific polymer injection ring and variable intensity mixing valve
  • No shear stresses applied to the sludge in the thickening process

Highest Filtrate Quality

  • Filtrate water and wash water can be returned separately meaning less return load on the plant
  • Filtrate water can be used for belt washing

Longest Life Expectancy

  • Duplex stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance
  • Minimum moving parts resulting in minimum maintenance requirements
  • Unique enclosure design ensuring all mechanical and electrical components remain outside the harsh, wet and gaseous environment with the thickener
  • Fully automatic operation and suitable for outdoor installation

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