Univac Suction Sampler



Petrol driven portable suction sampler weighing only 11Kg. Designed for effective sampling in crops, grasslands, scrublands, forests and is also suitable for grain sampling. It incorporates the advantages of electronic ignition, protected silencer and 4-stage turbine achieving performance up to 150 inches of water at the sampling point. Back pack mounted.

Burkard Scientific produce a variety of useful sampling devices for agricultural research. The Univac Sampler has been upgraded in performance, and improvements in construction have increased the static vacuum by 50%. Using a 4-stage high performance turbine 150 inches of water can be achieved at the sampling point.

Now a kilo lighter in weight and powered by the Kawasaki H43 2-stroke, the sampler enjoys the advantages of electronic ignition with a maximum speed of 7000 rpm. A protected exhaust directs unpleasant fumes to the rear and for additional operator safety the 1.25 litre fuel tank is mounted beneath the engine unit.

A 2m clear plastic wire-reinforced sampling hose is retained in position by vacuum created at low engine revolutions. The suction cup is automatically released when the throttle is closed. The collected material can be stored in the electrolytically formed perforated container located within the plenum chamber, or in a variety of paper bag inserts. Commercial paper towels, sealed at the sides, provide inexpensive, easily obtainable disposable collecting bags. They can be held in place by a rubber band around the collecting tube within the suction cup. Various types of collecting funnel can be attached to the sampling tube.

The standard Kawasaki engine (internationally available) can be replaced without modification to the recoil start or the ignition system. Reliable electronic ignition, protected silencer and ease of servicing are features of this apparatus.

  • Total weight only 11Kg
  • Back pack mounted
  • 4-stage turbine
  • Protected silencer
  • Electronic ignition

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