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We're the only door manufacturer in the world that pultrudes heavy-duty, completely sealed industrial FRP doors. All of our doors are 1-3/4' thick, hermetically sealed and immune to moisture and corrosive gasses or liquids.

Our FRP doors are dimensionally and aesthetically equivalent to hollow metal doors, but offer performance, durability and longevity that hollow metal doors cannot match.

  • 6 lb./cubic foot closed-cell polyurethane core wrapped in 4 layers of glass fiber reinforcements and resin encapsulated to 1/8' at all door faces for excellent impact resistant
  • Stile edges are 9/16' thick of solid FRP Structural Reinforcement, allowing for maximum screw holding capability
  • Resin is FDA- and USDA-compliant
  • Top rail is 6' deep with 1/4' wall thickness to provide ample reinforcement for closer attachments
  • Standard mortise bottom rail allows for field trimming of door; optional flush bottom rail facilitates cleaning and sterilization
  • Standard widths: 32', 36', 42' and 48' wide; custom widths up to 5' also available
  • Height: any standard width up to 22' tall
  • Standard industry hardware is compatible with all doors
  • Available with frames, vision lites, louvers, mullions, center posts, wall anchors and thresholds


Learn how our pultrusion process produces a door with excellent physical and thermal insulating properties, immunity to corrosion, and easy-cleaning surfaces, making them perfectly suited for corrosive and sanitary industrial applications.

Our doors are finished with a high-gloss two part aliphatic polyurethane coating specially formulated for industrial environments.

  • FDA- and USDA-compliant coating
  • Remarkable chemical, stain and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent gloss and color retention
  • Flexibility to resist cracking
  • Easy cleaning and sterilization
  • Simple in-field cosmetic touch-ups
  • Better UV resistance than gel coat finishes
  • Ten standard colors, custom colors, or primer-only finishes available

Our products are ideal for corrosive environments that quickly destroy even stainless steel doors. These include industrial facilities where regular sanitization is required, such as clean rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food processing, as well as locations that by their nature are inherently corrosive to steel doors, such as petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment facilities, marine andmore applications.


Recessed Door Pulls
Universal Pultrusions doors are now available with recessed door pulls specifically designed to facilitate cleaning and sterilization. Recessed door pulls are also an ideal choice for areas where the absence of projections above the door surface improves safety.

Recessed Door Pull Dimensions

  • Height: 8-11/16'
  • Width: 6-1/16'
  • Recess Depth: 1-3/8'
  • Grip Surface: 5' High x 2' Wide
  • Bottom Opening: 1-1/2'

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