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Universal Roller Skid for Sewer and Drain Cameras



Universal Roller Skid for 6' to 18' Lines. Dynamically adjusts to required pipeline diameter — no extra parts, tools or manual adjustments required. For use with the TRITON, TROGLOPROBE-SL and GECKO push camera systems in 6”-18” pipelines. Lightweight, durable, easy to attach skid that built from corrosion resistant composite nylon. Negotiates 6” x 45° elbows and 8” x 90° bends. Six 2” wheels help guide the camera through the pipeline and keep the camera head centered. Optional 3” wheel kit and LED light kit available, so you can use it in larger diameter pipes. Three optional waterproof auxiliary flashlights provide extra lighting with 6,000 candlepower.

This roller skid allows the camera head to be centered in the pipeline. Made from heavy duty composite nylon they are supported by a limited lifetime warranty and would be good addition to your sewer / drain / HVAC camera.

Skids decrease wear & tear on a camera head and help you get as much data as possible from your inspection.

For Pipes from 6' to 18' Diameter.

What’s Included
Universal roller skid, Adapter sleeve for 1.7.

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