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Reliable pre-shredder for difficult applications. The S120 is one of the most innovative pre-shredders in its class. A sophisticated cutting strength distribution system ensures that the cutting tooth briefly receives up to 70% more cutting strength for materials with highly variable cutting strength requirements (e.g. thick-walled metal pieces). Together with its high throughput performance, high availability and low maintenance requirements, this shredder guarantees an economically efficient recycling of your material.

The S120 is a rotary shear shredder that is often used as pre-shredder for difficult applications. Apart from its very resistant and sophisticated cutting system and flexible drive concept, the shredder is also convincing thanks to its high throughput performance. By linking four motors, the system reaches a high torque of max. 2 x 35,000 Nm. When needed, this torque is distributed to the respective cutting tooth at peak moments (see cutting strength distribution system).

This rotary shear is also characterized by a particularly high availability. This machine is particularly low maintenance thanks to special bearing and gearbox sealings, an integrated cutting system protection and an optionally available shaft ventilation.

In the field, this machine is connected with an UNTHA 4-shaft shredder downstream to achieve a homogeneous, separable and also smaller final fraction.

The combination of both machines ensures high process stability and guarantees economically efficient operation.

Hazardous waste shredding

Shredding is one of the first steps in the disposal of hazardous waste. To reduce contact with hazardous substances, completely reliable industrial shredders are equipped with long service-life cutters. We offer industrial shredders for shredding of hazardous waste, medical waste, batteries, ect.

Electric and electronic scrap shredding

Electric and electronic scrap (e-scrap) contains valuable raw materials. To be able to recover these materials, they have to be reliably shredded, separated and removed. Our e-scrap shredders with the patented UNTHA four-shaft cutting system with a perforated screen is the perfect equipment for e-scrap.

Tire and rubber shredding

Reducing the growing heaps of waste tires is only possible through reconditioning and/or recycling. UNTHA has developed specific cutters for their tire shredders that makes separation of rubber and steel wire possible.

Metal shredding

After many years of experience designing specialist cutting systems, our scrap metal shredders and rotor shears can be used for a variety of metal shredding applications.

Paper and cardboard shredding

We offer the perfect industrial paper shredder whether you’re shredding entire bales of paper, cardboard waste or paper rolls. Choose from our range of single-shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders or four-shaft shredders.

The S120 series is ideal for pre-shredding metal, electronic scrap, tyres or paper. The input material is pre-processed and size reduced by the powerful four-motor, two-shaft cutting system.

If a smaller homogeneous particle size is required, then an UNTHA four-shaft shredder is usually installed downstream.

The material to be shredded is drawn into the cutting chamber by the teeth (1) on the cutting discs (2). The cutters are arranged in an overlapping pattern therefore ensuring a crosscut of the material. On the bottom, the material is removed by stripping bars (3) and discharged downwards.

  • Metal sprues and housings
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Metal drums
  • Electronic scrap
  • Electrical devices
  • Household devices
  • Tyres
  • Paper waste
  • and many more.


High availability

  • Special seals (A) and bulkhead walls (B) prevent dirt and dust from damaging gears and bearings
  • Integrated wear plates protect the cutting chamber
  • Dynamic cutting disc pre-loading system (C) for easy change-out
  • Active shaft ventilation (D) for increased cutter life
  • Reliable spur gear drive (E) for exceptionally long service life
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Four motor drive with a low mass moment of inertia (F) (4 small instead of 2 large motors)

Flexible drive concept

  • Depending on power availability and customer requirements, there are two drive options: electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic.

Intelligent cutting system

  • The cutting force distribution system ensures that full power can be applied where it is most needed (e.g. shredding thick-walled metal parts). The cutting power applied on a single cutting tooth can be increased by up to 70% for a short period of time. This results in a noticeably higher throughput.

Low operating costs

  • Cutting system can be reconditioned multiple times resulting in long service life

Low emissions

  • Low noise and dust generation


  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) speed control for adjustable throughput and reduction of start-up peaks
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • “UNTHA Carefree package”

Your advantages at a glance

  • Very sturdy and sophisticated cutting system
  • High throughput performance with high availability
  • Flexible drive system
  • Low maintenance

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