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Model UPC2 - Supercritical CO2 Based System



With the ACQUITY UPC2 System, the orthogonal capability of normal-phase LC has been elevated to a mainstream technique: Convergence Chromatography.

  • The chromatographic principles and selectivity of normal-phase LC
  • The ease-of-use and method development simplicity of reversed-phase LC
  • The use of gradients across the widest polarity range
  • Chiral and achiral separations in one system, with unequaled speed and confidence

Bringing ease-of-use to normal-phase LC

By providing the ability to precisely vary mobile phase strength, pressure, and temperature, the Waters ACQUITY UPC2 System gives scientists the power to better control the retention of analytes for separating, detecting, and quantifying structural analogs, isomers, and enantiomeric  and diasteriomeric mixtures.

The world's first convergence chromatography system

Unique in its capabilities, the pioneering ACQUITY UPC2 System delivers what the rest of the industry never could – a system, based on the principles of normal-phase LC, with the ease-of-use of reversed-phase LC, and purposefully built for analytical performance, placing convergence chromatography atop the list of separations tools in the kit of all analytical chemists.

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