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- Model 2 - Waste Water Sampler


The USI Hydrocell 2 Composite  Sampler is specifically designed for Composite Collection of (flow, event, or time proportional) samples of trade effluent discharges in industrial applications. A robust industrial design with state of the art touch screen programming and graphical display makes the Hydrocell the product of choice for all your waste water sampling needs. The Hydrocell 2 waste water sampler has been designed with the trade effluent industry in mind and comes supplied with two 10 litre LDPE wide mouth bottles. Please take a look at the other features and benefits below.

Windows Programming

Beautifully Simple – The Hydrocell incorporates the USI concept with Windows based programing, touch screen colour graphics and 6 programmable relays. The software design is easy to use and doesn’t require a complex instruction manual like traditional type samplers.

A product you instinctively know how to use because it offers Windows based functionality, is operated by a simple to use full colour touch screen display which instantaneously shows data in both graphical and text format. Quite simply, it is child’s play to operate and does away with complex instruction manuals and uncertainty users often feel when programming traditional type samplers.

21st Century Functionality
We have developed the new range of Hydrocell samplers with smart technology to meet demands and bring 21st functionality to a reliable industrial waste water sampling solution.
Intelligent Stepper Motors

The Hydrocell samplers all have intelligent stepper motors with their own built in processors. This ensures that the filling arm always knows where its current bottle is even if the arm is moved out of position. This technology, unique to the Hydrocell provides repeatability that no other product can offer.

Stunning Display

The USI uses a 7” TFT full colour 840×480 display to give sharp images and clear programming screens. In the Run mode the display depicts all the bottles and shows each fill event and the current level in each bottle. This visual feedback means at all times the user can see exactly what the status of the sampler is.

All information is clearly displayed thus avoiding confusion and uncertainty often found when programming other less advanced products.

The user even has the option to change background, text and shape colours to compensate for different ambient light conditions.

Thermoelectric Cooling

The Hydrocell has done away with the traditional method of cooling using refrigerator compressor units with cooling plates. Instead the Hydrocell uses the most advanced thermoelectric Peltier coolers. Peltier coolers are more robust, offer greater reliability, use less space and avoid the use of liquid coolants.

A major advantage of Peltier coolers is that they can either generate heat or refrigerate depending on the voltage polarity sent to the Peltier elements. So, the Hydrocell at no extra cost provides frost protection as the Peltier device is automatically run in reverse when the temperature drops below zero. Other products rely on separate heating elements inside their enclosure, often at additional cost.

Robust Peristaltic Pumps

All Hydrocell samplers use robust peristaltic pumps, which offer a pump lift of up to 10m, are able to handle all kinds of liquids including slurries and aggressive fluids without the needs of valves, seals and glands, this makes them inexpensive to maintain compared to other products. The Hydrocell uses only hard wear 9.6mm neoprene peristaltic pump tube and can sample at up to 204L/hr up to 2 bar.

Data Logging

The Hydrocell is unique in the sampler market as it offers a 512MByte data logging facility. This enables the user or engineers to evaluate performance and detect faults. Nothing is left to chance.

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