Saint Dizier Environnement

Saint Dizier Environnement

- Model LI - Settling Tank



Treatment by settling of runoff water from roads, motorways and open parking areas

  • Conformity: compliance in full with the charter defined by the ISGH trade union

  • Performance: throughput > 75% over the annual mass of TTS

  • Reliability: high-section honeycombs (minimum 39 mm) reducing the risks of clogging and equi-distribution of the flow over the entire lamellar zone with the pressurising of the recovery channels for the settled water.

  • Durability: mechanical resistance and chemical inertia of the honeycombs made of polypropylene, quality of the coating

  • Easy to operate and maintain: high degree of accessibility, resistance to washing of the honeycombs

  • Decennial warranty via insurance supplemented by an Epers

Size: 36 to 540 m³/h

The décanteur dépollueur® UTEP®LI makes it possible through settling to intercept suspended matter (TTS) and the associated pollutants (heavy metals, COD, oils and PAHs).

  • Made from S235 steel assembled on flat bottoms, protected after SA 2.5 sanding according to ISO 8501-1 with a hot polymerised polyurethane coating 600 µm thick

  • Lamellar settling on honeycombs with a minimum hydraulic height diameter of 39 mm, tilted 60°, with channels for recovering the settled water and a high storage capacity for sludge

  • Surface hydraulic load <= 2 m/h

  • Compliance with hydraulic criteria: laminar flow (low number of Reynolds < 800) and height under cells defined in order to prevent the sludge from going back into suspension

  • Screening with 40 mm airgap made of stainless steel

  • Accessibility to the sludge chamber on the upstream and downstream sides

  • Installation class 1d according to NFP16-451-1/CN

  • Connection via lip seals up to DN 400

  • 2 to 4 access wells according to the size of the structure

  • The UTEP-LI settling tank is dimensioned to treat rain events with a ratio of 40 l/s per hectare rendered impermeable. It will as such be installed downstream of a storm water overflow or a storm water basin and with a controlled flow.

  • Screening at input, combined with a flow distributor and a macro-waste storage chamber

  • Grit removal chamber with a storage capacity of 2 m³/ha imp. intended to trap heavy materials (gravel, sand...) and waste

  • Lamellar settling on honeycombs with high projected area, associated with channels for recovering settled water dewatered in the absence of hydraulic circulation

  • High-capacity sludge silo (3 m³/ha imp.) under the honeycombs

  • Trap at the output of the structure, intended to trap light liquids

  • Standardised ladder - ECH

  • Sludge withdrawal column - COL

  • Cathodic protection - ANODEINT and ANODEEXT

  • Automatic closing-off device - OBT

  • Anchoring frame - CHASPE

  • Sludge and oil alarm - KAH05 & SEP0203

  • Risers - REH and buffers - COU

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