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All swimming pools, whether municipal or private, require disinfection to reduce the micro biological counts of the water. Traditionally, chlorine based disinfectants are used.

These chlorine disinfectants cause problems due to the formation of chlorinated by-products, like chloramines.

The formation of chloramines is due to the reaction of chlorine with ammonia (or urea), which are shed by bathers. These chloramines cause 'red eyes', skin irritation, the characteristic pool smell and are claimed to be carciogenic. By the use of an Ultra Violet disinfection system, the concentration of chloramines is significantly reduced.

During several test trails with UV disinfection on municipal swimming pools the overall chlorine consumption was reduced with an average of 50% without an increase of bacterial counts in the water. The concentration chloramines was even more drastically reduced, due to the breakdown of the formed chloramines by Ultra Violet light and the reduced formation of chloramines due to the lower chlorine dosage.

An additional advantage of the reduction of chloramines is the reduced aging of the fabrics in and around the swimming pool.

Other advantages of the Ultra Violet disinfection system are:

  • Lower overall bacterial counts
  • Reduction of spores, like Guardia and Cryptosporidium, which won't be effected by hypochlorite and chlorine
  • Reduction of Legionella counts in the water
  • Sparklier water
  • Oxidation of organics in the water

The picture is an example of the use of a UV installation in a swimming pool. The UV unit in the picture below is treating 380 m3/hour.

The range of UV systems Lenntech can supply is able to treat recirculation rates up to 400 m3/hour.

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