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ULMAN Dichtungstechnik GmbH

Model V-Seals - Elastic Sealing Rings


V-rings are cheap, extremely flexible elastic sealing rings for use in unpressurised shaft and bearing sealing applications. In contrast to shaft seals, such as for instance radial shaft sealing rings, Vrings seal axially against a vertically arranged opposing face. (Illustration 1). The high mobility and flexibility of the sealing lip allows greater tolerance levels and angular deviation in comparison to other shaft seals.

Ordering information:
V-ring Type - Shaft diameter number - Material Example: VA - 30 - NBR

The under-dimensioned V-ring is slid onto the shaft. The inherent initial elastic tension holds it in the required position. The flexible sealing lip rests on the sealing surface, which is at right angles to the shaft axis, and is at low initial tension.

It has the effect of regulating tolerance levels and angular deviation and prevents the leakage of lubricants from inside while providing protection against dirt and spray from outside.

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