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- Model 4083 & 4093 - Pneumatic Conveyors


Christianson Systems, Inc. offers flexible solutions for a wide range of material handling applications.  State-of-the-art technology backed by over 50 years of experience insure that each machine is built with superior quality, construction, and design. The DK Vac-U-Vator line of equipment is available in two models, the 4080, and 4090, providing ship and barge unloading solutions for a variety of pneumatic conveying applications.  All models are offered with either a cyclonic cleaning intake cyclone or a filter receiver.  The cyclone intake provides an efficient cyclonic cleaning with a back up screen to prevent carryover. The filter receiver (FR) is equipped with its own dry compressed air for cleaning the 10-micron filter tubes with a pulsed air system.  When used as a vacuum only system this machine has low dust emissions.  All models may be equipped with an intake and/or discharge boom.

A universal solution for your ship / barge unloading and bulk transfer needs.  All models are offered with either a cyclonic cleaning intake cyclone or a filter receiver.


New sturdy, heavy duty chassis with built in lifting rings and tie downs. All welded, rigid steel frame. New heavy duty tow bar and steering assembly permits maneuvering in close quarters. High ground clearance. Hidden tie rods eliminate damage.

Turbo Fan Blower

Proven, durable turbo-blower design provides high conveying rates. Dynamically and statically balanced. Two, three or four stage high pressure turbo-blowers available on different models. New heavy duty bearing arrangement.

Patented Air Regulator

Simple design. Prevents engine overloading, conserves fuel. Automatically balances air flow to volume of grain, reduces chance of grain breakage during “clean-up” operations. Yields perfect dynamic flow balance and horsepower reserve.

Patented Centrifugal Separator

Heavy duty centrifugal separator is easily turned by one man directly toward point of intake to increase conveying capacity. Made of heavy gauge steel for long life. A visual inspection of conveying can be made through combination access door and inspection window in lower cone of cyclone.


Heavy duty rotary feeder has a simplified drive, safety slip clutch and automatic power cut-off. Positive lock system on adjustable airlock tips. Removable airlock inspection panel on larger models allows adjustment of tips without need for disassembly of airlock or cyclone. New hinged chain guard on airlock drive system permits quick and easy servicing.

Trouble-Free Main Drive System

Utilizes single back, multiple groove V-belt drive, eliminating “belt flip,” mismatched belt problems and excessive wear of belt and bearings. Drive-belt system has new, simple external adjustment device. Servicing of drives and bearings is simplified with drop down guard on main belt drive.

Diesel Engine

300 HP diesel engine features safety shutdown controls, commercial air cleaner with safety element, full instrument panel, high ambient radiator, and heavy-duty double plate clutch. Electric motors and gasoline (petrol) engines are also available.

Heavy Duty Finish

The machine is coated by heavy duty paint system which includes a coating with 85% zinc rich primer, plus epoxy foundation and finish coatings.

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