VacuTrax Vacuum System Monitor


This patent-pending product provides the progressive and quality conscious dairy farmer a means of continuously monitoring the total health of the vacuum system. The total system air flow capacity (reserve) is routinely monitored along with real time monitoring of the min/max vacuum level, trending of vacuum levels and display of the actual vacuum level. The VacuTrax™ Vacuum System Monitor provides advance warning of pump degradation, improper vacuum regulation/control and system leaks. It also acts as a vacuum system analysis tool to aid in troubleshooting facility performance problems. Visual alarm indications provide the user with an instant indication of performance issues.

  • Wash-detect mode: enables to monitor to know when the milking system is being washed and thereby avoids measuring performance data. This prevents erroneous warnings of vacuum problems that are simply due to the wash cycle and associated air injection.
  • Air injection: An optional valve is used to inject a known amount of air into the system to enable the monitor to assess vacuum reserve.
  • Remote visual indicator: A remote located light that is flashed when the monitor has detected a problem.

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