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Vacuum Cooling System


After harvesting or before transportation your product should be cooled to the ideal preservation temperature suitable for your specific product. Celtic Cooling is an expert in the field of vacuum cooling; one of the fastest and most efficient pre-cooling techniques in the market.

Vacuum cooling method

This form of pre-cooling has been used for years in the food and flower industry. How it works? The warm product is positioned into a vacuum chamber and the air in the chamber is suctioned out. Through this process the warm moisture evaporates out of the product and the heat is thus removed from the product. This ensures a really fast but uniform product cooling time and also results in a longer preservation life.

Flowers and food

Vacuum cooling cannot be applied to every product. In general the suitable products have a large surface-mass ratio or they are of vegetation nature, for example; vegetables, fruits, flowers and turf.

Advantages cooling solution
  • Speed and efficiency are two characteristics of vacuum cooling, especially when it comes to the cooling of pre-packaged products, such as boxes or palletized products (air pallets and trolleys), just before dispatch.
  • Assuming that the product is not packaged in hermetically sealed packages, the piled density of the bags or boxes has virtually no effect on the cooling time.
  • The cooling occurs in a short time, about 25 to 30 minutes, this ensures that tight delivery schedules can be met.
  • A small amount of water evaporates from the product. With certain fresh products this provides the advantage of further counteracting the product quality reduction.

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