- Backup Rippers for Backhoes, Loaders & Dozer


Backup Rippers make dozer work more productive by breaking up subsoil materials when backing up in preparation for the next pass. Mounted on buckets, blades, or dozer C-frames, pivotal backup rippers swing back out of the way in forward motion, and enhance the efficiency of your blade or bucket in shale, caliche, sandstone, frozen ground, blacktop removal or land clearing.

Shanks are made of abrasive-resistant, high yield alloy steel for greater strength and long life, with high impact cast teeth. Sizes are available to fit all size buckets and blades.

Backup Rippers can be easily installed by welding the housings to the back of the bucket. Smaller units may require a backing plate, and some models may be pinned to the bucket when not needed.

Ripper size and penetration depend on dozer/loader size, mounting position and blade or bucket variation.

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