VanAire Inc

4' x 12' VanAire DAF®

VanAire Inc. has provided over 20 years of proven Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) wastewater treatment solutions with over 200 installations in multiple industries; such as, food and beverage, rendering, byproduct recovery, oil and gas, lagoons, water remediation, metal production, dairies, truck washes and others. VanAire’s customers experience a fast ROI by reducing or eliminating TSS, FOG, BOD and surcharges. Our long-lasting materials of construction using stainless steel, extremely high abrasion resistant wear items and custom rubbers, allows low maintenance solutions for your application. Seldom is the case where standard equipment will provide a solution to your wastewater treatment needs, that is why VanAire is proud to offer turnkey custom engineered systems to fit your wastewater stream, flow and facility. The VanAire DAF® product line handles influent flows from 10gpm to 2400gpm.

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