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- Telemetry System

vanwaltCONNECT is a versatile, accurate data transfer system that takes water parameter readings from a sensor(s) on-site and delivers them to your desktop, tablet or mobile. Available to work with sensors which can give 'mm' accuracy this information can be used to make crucial decisions to protect, manage, inform or alert people, property and places. Benefits: - Accurate - No delay with alarms with SMS messaging directly from the sensor - Easy to install: Trained Van Walt staff can help or carry out full installation - Alarms via email or SMS texting - Sensor settings can be managed & changed from the office - Up to 30 sensors can be attached to each modem - Long battery life to ensure little maintenance - Full operative training - Secure data storage - Data presented in .csv table or graph formats - Cost effective - Flexible for use with different sensors - Measures & transmits a range of water parameters - Robust & vandal proof housing

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