WTW - a xylem brand

- Digital IQ Sensor - Ammonium Sensor - Nitrate Sensor- flexible in cable lenght


New features for the VARiON Plus 700 IQ-WTW’s Ion selective measurement of ammonium and nitrate with automatic compensation of potassium/chloride.


  • Easy and intuitive menu structure
  • Less costs thanks to cross compensation
  • Ammonium measurement up to 2,000 mg/l NH4-N
  • Output of Chlorine value


WTW’s highly sophisticated ISE sensors are the ideal partners for the ammonium- and nitrate measurement. 
Benefit now from the new and improved features: The new matrix adjustment- faster and easier than ever,complete compensation of several sensors with one potassium or chloride electrode, Ammonium measurement in highly loaded media.

Optimize aeration control

In combination with the optical sensor for dissolved oxygen (FDO® 700 IQ), the aeration on a wastewater treatment plant can be optimized in a highly efficient way. With the oxygen sensor, the concentration of dissolved oxygen can be controlled. In such case, the duration of the nitrification process is controlled by a fixed time. This strategy is called static time based control. By adding an ISE sensor for ammonia and nitrate, this time based control can be changed to a dynamic control. In that case, the nitrification process can be stopped as soon as the ammonia level reaches the level of consent.


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