Dresser-Rand - a Siemens Business

Dresser-Rand - a Siemens Business

- Model 40G - Power Turbine



The VECTRA 40G power turbine was developed to match with the GE® LM2500+ gas generator. Together, they offer the most effective power package available for high-speed operation. As part of a complete package with the GE LM2500+, the VECTRA 40G turbine has an ISO rating of 40,200 horsepower (30 megawatts). Thermal efficiency is 39.9 percent at full load, with a corresponding mass flow to 180 pounds per second. The VECTRA 40G has a maximum continuous operating speed of 6,500 RPM. It is the highest speed power turbine available for the GE LM2500+.

The new VECTRA 40G modular design improves serviceability while reducing downtime. VECTRA power design features include:

  • Two-stage overhung rotor
  • Rolling element bearings
  • Center tie and curvic couplings

Environmental Focus

D-R is committed to addressing critical environmental concerns while continuing to improve operational efficiencies. Dresser-Rand's emission control system for NOX and CO includes DLE, water injection and steam injection. For example, our DLE solutions for the VECTRA 40G can reduce NOX emissions by approximately 80 percent. Effective noise abatement systems are also a priority.

Most environmental regulations require that all continuous-duty units be low-NOX installations, of which the preferred method is DLE. Even when we produce non-DLE packages, we build with DLE retrofit in mind.

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