Vehicle Container Monitor



The modular design of Nucsafe vehicle monitoring systems uses one or more radiation sensor panels (RSPs). Each RSP contains one or more neutron Smart detectors made of a unique neutron-sensitive scintillating glass fiber (PUMA panels) or traditional He-3 pressurized gas tubes and one or more gamma ray Smart detectors made of polyvinyl toluene (PVT) plastic scintillator or sodium iodide NaI(Tl) detectors. The choice of detectors is typically a customer preference, but advantages and disadvantages exist for each type of gamma ray and neutron detection technology.

  • Vehicle and freight radiation monitoring
  • Operates at speeds up to 20mph (30kph)
  • Gamma and Neutron sensitive
  • Gamma spectroscopy
  • NORM discrimination
  • Very Low false alarm rate (1:15,000)
  • Windows based software
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Video capture
  • Overview camera
  • Side view camera
  • Source location profile
  • Battery Backup >3 hours
  • Remote monitoring for reach back and maintenance

Each panel is connected to an Ethernet switch which in turn is connected directly to a PC, existing network or remote Annunciator. The COBRA VPS Software to operate the system can be run on any number of computers connected to the network, each running their own user defined configuration. This allows the portal to be operated in a variety of ways with different alarm settings simultaneously. Each instance of the program will not interfere with any other instance running at any other location.

The system hardware can be monitored from anywhere on the network or over the internet (when access is granted into the site network) using the included service and diagnostic software package. This software package provides complete control of all system hardware settings; there are no controls or manual adjustments required at the hardware.

Key Features

  • Sensitivity as low as 0.8 nSv/h
  • 1024 channel DSP spectral energy analysis
  • Patented ROI difference alarming method
  • Network Ready
  • Integrated camera for visual playback of alarm
  • Patented Background correction algorithm
  • Superior signal to noise ratio
  • Speed measurement in and out with average
  • Remote service monitoring and diagnosis
  • Traffic management
  • Patented helium-3 electronics
  • ISO manufactured
  • Low power consumption
  • >50 liters detector volume
  • Integrated alarm and vehicle scanned database
  • Extremely low false alarm rates (< 1 in 15,000)
  • Sophisticated occupancy sensor state engine

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