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- Model 2655 DFX - Revolutionary Testers



Grades veneer by Ultrasonic Propagation Time (UPT). Compensates for wood temperature. System diagnostics detect common faults, activate alarms, and log the faults. Features tamper-proof grade parameters. Can be configured for remote data collection. Modular design allows upgrade to Model 2800 or 2805 DME. Hands-free operation. Frame splits in half for easy installation. Speeds up to 600 ft/min.

  • Model 2655 DFX can be configured with a longer or shorter frame, as well as changing the wheel configuration to accomodate different size material. 
  • Run without operator assistance. Ultrasonic impulses travel the length of the veneer with the propagation time measured.
  • Industrial microprocessor uses unique algorithms to examine the received impulses, and, when corrected for the veneer temperature, the UPT is computed and displayed. Tight computer tolerances reduce the need for calibration and maintenance, and reduces inaccuracies from intermittent noise.
  • The flat-screen display is updated with new information each time a sheet exits the system. Information displayed includes the new UPT, total piece tally, tally per assigned grade, tallies per each of three assigned grade-spray categories, and a variety of other data such as sheet width, configuration data, saved data, and diagnostic information. Even conveyor line speed is displayed!
  • Variables such as grading parameter values are input prior to operation via an attached industrialgrade keyboard. Menu-driven software allows easy programming of machine settings and data collection functions.
  • Internal diagnostics system detects faults including blocked photo sensors, low transducer signal levels, low grade yield, sheet skew, and low thermometer reading. Faults are reported via warning light, onscreen notice, alarm log file entry, and output to serial port. Contacts are provided for audible warning horn as well.
  • Up to eight grade sprays for user-defined thresholds for any of three grade sets can be assigned. Up to four active sprays per grade.
  • Mechanical apparatus lifts veneer from a belt conveyor (not included), bringing the veneer into physical contact with the ultrasonic transducers, then returns the veneer to the conveyor.
  • Certain operation and grading parameters are easily pre-programmed by an operator and are stored by the data system.
  • Your Quality Control Supervisor can be in sole control of grading parameters and can modify these at will. Processed sheet count, UPT time, temperature, and number of pieces assigned to each grade are all displayed in real time.

Current Loop Output

Four each 4–20 mA outputs. Up to four of the following values can be output: UPT, width, thickness (if so equipped), or grade. (270-OPT-1001)

Thickness Sensor

Average veneer sheet thickness determined by inductive sensors; resolution of 0.001 in (0.025 mm); auto-zero. Thickness can be used as a grade parameter. (265- OPT-1004) Field retrofit: (265-OPT-1003)

Moveable Transducer Wheels

Grade different lengths of veneer by repositioning the transducer wheels. Requires a backup wheel for each alternative transducer location. (260-OPT-1004)

Short Frame

For maximum veneer sheet lengths of 82.7 in (2100 mm) (265-BAS-1002)

Stand-alone Electronics Mount

Independent support of the electronics enclosure, for situations where system or plant vibrations cannot be otherwise eliminated.

Ink Supply Tank

3-gallon air-pressurized with regulator, gauge, & fittings. One required for each ink color. (PNE-TAN-1021)

Ink Nozzle Assembly

Nozzle, solenoid valve, cable, mount and fittings. (260-ASM-1001)

Mechanical Drive

Idler pulleys, bearings, & shaft to drive machine from return flight of conveyor belt. (260-KIT-1001)

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