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Tests prove that Veri-Dri 40 Plus is the better desiccant. As a practical way to demonstrate the properties of Veri-Dri 40 Plus, Pioneer’s deliquescent desiccant, a performance test was conducted.

Two identical funnels were filled with equal amounts of desiccant-one with Veri-Dri 40 Plus and one with a leading competitor’s brand. The funnels were placed on top of two identical empty glass containers. These containers were allowed to stand for 24 hours, after which the results were examined by over 80 industry professionals in attendance.
The results? Veri-Dri 40 Plus absorbed 10 times more moisture than the popular competing brand.
• Advantages
• Higher pressure and temperature ratings (CH Series: 250 PSIG@400 Deg. F, AH Series: 200 PSIG@200 Deg. F or 160 PSIG@250 Deg. F.)
 • Energy efficient
 • High heat transfer efficiency
 • Low pressure drop – 2 PSIG typical
 • State of the art aluminum and copper heat exchangers
 • All weather construction
 • Discharged air can be used for space heating
 • Direct drive
 • Low RPM fans minimize noise level
 • Meets OSHA standards
 • TEFC motors – standard in ‘CH’ Series
 • UL – standard in ‘CH’ Series
 • Typical approach is 20 Deg. F.
Improve The Performance of Other Deliquescent Dryer Brands
You can improve the performance of competitive dryers by using Veri-Dri 40 Plus and Desiccant Saver. Fill approximately one-third of the dryer with Desiccant Saver, and then top it with Veri-Dri 40 Plus.
Pioneer Veri-Dri 40 Plus is available in 50 lb./22.6 kg containers or 425 lb./193 kg reseal-able drums (shipping weights).

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