- Model 605 - Super M Cornstalk Special Baler


Baling cornstalks is as easy as baling hay with the Vermeer 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler. Engineered specifically to gather bulky cornstalks and roll them into a tight bale, this workhorse carries the same technological advancements that have made Vermeer round balers top sellers in the industry: powered windguard, electronic bale monitoring, powered bale ramp and more. And now picking up your cornstalk bales is even easier with the optional Inline™ Ramp. The Inline Ramp positions the bales so you can pick them up along the rows without the need to drive over rows, ridges and cornstalks – helping save time in the field and making the process smoother.

  • Produce consistent bales because the monitoring system displays 3-position bale shape and the weight.
  • Large capacity lets you work efficiently, thanks to the power windguard working in conjunction with pick-up tines to control crop and move more material into the bale chamber.
  • Clear blockages without getting off your tractor by simply reversing the rotation of the power windguard, which unplugs the pick-up.
  • Increase efficiency and bale quality when picking up bales with the optional Inline Ramp that turns the bale during discharge for easier pickup and less handling when picking up bales.
  • Heavy-duty components – from the O-ring chain to the pickups and axles – make the baler durable enough to handle high-volume cornstalks.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

What happens when you combine the strength, operating convenience and productivity of Super M technology with the added capability and enhanced performance of the 605 Super M Cornstalk Special? A proven, highly acclaimed workhorse that bales more tons per day and logs an unprecedented record of customer satisfaction – 100 percent.

Primary reason? Patented powered windguard design. It gives you better starts, faster operating speeds and clean uniform intake. More importantly, it reduces cornstalk buildup, which plugs the pickups of so many other balers. Even if it does plug, the rotary action of the powered windguard can be reversed to assist in unplugging.

The 605 Super M Cornstalk Special not only has the best feeding system for cornstalks; it’s also the heaviest-built baler for handling them. As a result, you won’t believe the difference in tonnage per day. This is the baler that has changed everything, especially in cornstalks … underscoring our commitment to help livestock producers achieve better results and more cost efficiencies in their feeding/bedding operations … and providing America’s fast-emerging biomass industry with the undisputed baler of choice.

  1. Patented powered windguard design – a Vermeer exclusive – features evenly-spaced, fin-shaped plates clamped to the hex shaft to help feed high-volume cornstalk material into the bale chamber. And it’s reversible – so you can quickly clear the pickup and continue to bale, without leaving the tractor cab!
  2. Smart, distinctive design. Everywhere you look. Compare the Cornstalk Special with competitive models. The pickups, axles, heavy-duty components, and high flotation tires. Also, note the added features typically listed as options – or “not available” – on other units. Light packages. Fire extinguishers. Extended lube driveline protection. Real-time bale weight reporting. They’re all standard here!

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