- Model VR820 - Carted Wheel Rake



Just like other Vermeer innovations, the VR820 carted wheel rake combines high performance and superior reliability with features that make it easy to operate. Rake field after field with ease, thanks to a rugged channel tongue with adjustable hitch heights and telescoping tool bars that allow you to change raking and windrow widths with ease. Patented rubber torsion toolbar suspension requires no tools. Single side raking is easily achieved by simply turning a valve.

  • Rake up to 20’/6 m in each pass with eight wheels on each wing.
  • No tool adjustment because raking width and angle can be changed easily without tools to increase or decrease windrow size.
  • Keep it running smooth with greaseable tapered roller bearings on the rake wheels and transport wheels.
  • High clearance frame allows for heavy hay crops to pass through easily for windrow formation.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Tired of replacing wheel rakes after just a couple of years? Raise your expectations with new-style VR Series carted rakes from Vermeer … and get the extra strength, wide-stance balance, reliability and choices you need for a heavy diet of haying, starting with the very first cutting.

Select 8, 10, or 12-wheel sizes to fit your operation and capacity needs. Each one features tool-free adjustments that make it easy to set up, easy to adjust and easy on you. Patented rubber torsion suspension design allows you to simply change pin settings to handle different crops and conditions … same is true when it’s time to reset windrow widths. High-clearance frames and toolbars allow you to handle heavy, high-volume crops while also creating excellent clearance for the tires in all rake width settings. And when it’s time to set raking/windrow widths, the rake angle toolbars make it quick and easy.

Plus, with Vermeer VR rakes, you’re now able to turn every inch of the swath – including the center – using a uniquely designed center splitter attachment (optional). This not only helps you accelerate dry down, but it also creates better, more consistent moisture levels throughout the entire windrow.

  1. The center splitter’s dual, angled ground-driven rake wheels gently lift and turn the crop in the center. If the center crop does build, the splitter’s rake wheels simply push up and back to allow the crop to pass through. The splitter also lifts and locks for transport and can be easily raised and lowered when turning tight corners.
  2. User-friendly adjustments – no tools needed. Adjust windrow widths and arm angles by simply resetting pin positions. Adjustments do not need to match on both sides of the rake. You can always customize your raking angles and windrow widths! Industrywide, many other rakes require tools to make these same adjustments.
  3. Rubber torsion toolbar suspension lets you adjust rake wheel down pressure to match crop volume and conditions. This feature helps create clean, better-defined windrows and reduces wear-andtear on raking tines. Again, no tools are needed to handle the simple pin-setting adjustments!
  4. Transport made easy! Flat-folding 5 rake wheels reduce height; center folding toolbars reduce width. Hydraulic locks secure the frame. Dual hydraulic lift cylinders. Greaseable, tapered roller bearings on both the rake wheels and transport wheels.
  5. Single side raking … no problem. Select left or right-side raking configurations. Convert it in minutes without using any tools.

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