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Model Version 3 -KIT1613 - General Biology Labs Kit



eScience Labs General Biology Version 3 Lab Kit is designed for biology majors. This hands-on kit includes 14 labs and covers a broad range of topics including diffusion, metabolism, DNA processing, and Mendelian genetics, and proceeds to discuss current biomolecular techniques including PCR, gel electrophoresis, phylogenetics, and ecological behavior. Students incorporate the scientific method by developing hypotheses, data tables, and graphs, and answering pre and post-lab questions. In addition to a suite of experimental materials and safety items, lab kits also include a digital lab manual CD and access to eScience Labs Student Portal. Here, students can access interactive resources which test their knowledge re-enforce key concepts. Virtual labs are also provided as a supplemental learning resource.

Teacher Manuals are provided free of charge for teachers when five or more kits are purchased for a class. Additional Teacher Manuals can be ordered (by teachers only!) for $19.95/manual by calling 888-375-5487. Volume and institutional discounts are available.

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