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- Auto-Thermophilic Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process



NORAM’s patented VERTAD system is a proprietary, auto-thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion process.

High on Environmental Friendliness

The low visual impact of VERTAD, self-contained and largely hidden from view underground, gives it a significant advantage over the large surface tanks of a conventional plant. The subsurface and aerobic nature of the process provides a aesthetically pleasing and safe working environment with low maintenance requirements.

High on Land use Efficiency

VERTAD typically uses 10-20% of the total land required for conventional thermophilic digestion plants of equivalent capacity. This represents a considerable savings in capital cost while significantly reducing environmental impact.

High on Performance

The high oxygen transfer in VERTAD enables rapid digestion of mixed primary and secondary sludge. Class A Biosolids are produced in a substantially shorter time period than competing technologies.

The VERTAD process uses a submerged hyperbaric aeration system, which has been proven effective through more than 30 years of commercial operation in biological processes. The VERTAD patented design gives it the following advantages over conventional ATAD and anaerobic systems:

  • Class A Biosolids production in 4-days (40 CFR 503.32 Alternative.1)
  • Highly efficient oxygen transfer (> 50% OTE). With this low process air requirement, off-gas is minimized
  • Flotation thickening of VERTAD product to between 8-12% using dissolved gases
  • Dewatering of thickened product to between 31- 34% with a low polymer requirement (14 lbs/ton)
  • Low operating cost due to low energy requirements (1.27 kW•hr/kg VS destroyed), low polymer demands, (14 lbs/ton), and low trucking costs (> 30% TS cake)
  • Minimal footprint requirement – VERTAD is an ideal retrofit for current Class B Biosolids facilities

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