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- Model DCP-DAS - DCP Data Acquisition System



Accurate and Simple Data Acquisition. Vertek’s DCP Data Acquisition System (DCP-DAS) is designed to operate with the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) via our Android application, automatically measuring and recording the depth of penetration and number of drops, for evaluation of the in situ strength of sub-grade materials. DCP-DAS data is recorded in an electronic format that can be easily downloaded to a computer for further analysis. Manual data collection is also an option.

Cost-Effective One Person Operation
Automatic data acquisition allows one-person operation, reducing testing cost while improving the accuracy of the data collected. Android-based software is userfriendly and complements the sturdy DCP construction designed to withstand the rigors of field use.

DCP-DAS Operation
The DCP-DAS uses an Android smartphone connected via Bluetooth to a laser rangefinder mounted on the DCP and plots the depth difference per blow.
Audio signals inform the operator of drop readiness and ensures consistent drop force and distance.

DCP-DAS Data Collection
DCP-DAS data is plotted on screen in real time and stored as plain text ASCII files on the phone. The data can be sent via email or uploaded to a PC for offline analysis.

  • Touchscreen user interface (Android only)
  • Real-time display of test data
  • Data transfer to computer via Bluetooth or USB
  • Displays mm per blow; blow counts vs. delta distance per blow (mm)
  • Displays depth plot; depth (0-100cm) vs. number of blows
  • Displays CBR plot; depth (0-100cm) vs. CBR%
  • Fast setup / fast deployment
  • Uses wireless Bluetooth laser depth transducer

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