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Our versatile CPT push systems are maneuverable, easy to set up and cost effective. These CPT push systems range in push force from 10 tons to 20 tons.

Increase your revenue opportunities and see ROI in about 40 days. Have you been thinking about the expanding into CPT, but are concerned about cost or complexity? Vertek’s S4 CPT Push System and highly experienced staff can get you into the market quickly and seamlessly. The S4 is a robust, yet very affordable push system that can be attached to any commercial skidsteer, which you can rent or lease as needed, providing you 20 tons of CPT push capability without the significant, long term investment of a dedicated CPT truck or track rig.

Vertek's Universal Push system can be easily mounted on a wide range of new or existing platforms including barges, crawlers, trucks and trailers. The Universal Push System’s versatility enables access to push sites in rough or difficult terrain as well as making it easy to transport in urban work areas.

This unit is equipped with dual push cylinders, hydraulic push safety clamps, easy to use lever controls, and quick disconnects to the power unit.

The universal Push System is rugged and built for heavy use. Cones, rods and other tooling are supplied separately.

The 10 Ton Portable Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) hydraulic load frame is the lightest, smallest, most portable hydraulic CPT unit available. The hydraulic power pack and the hydraulic cylinders are independent and coupled by hydraulic quick disconnects. The steel twin cylinders and power pack weigh only 195 kg (430 lbs) and 160 kg (355 lbs) respectively.

They are designed so that the handle weight is less than 10 kg (25 lbs) when tilted for travel. The large tires, 40 cm (16') in diameter and 10 cm (4') wide make each unit easy to roll. The twin cylinders are coupled by a platen that can push/pull digital electronic or mechanical cones and water or soil samplers.

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