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- CPT Track Rigs



Vertek manufactures a full line of all-terrain, self-propelled CPT rigs for difficult to access areas offering 15 to 30 tons of push force. Our CPT platforms provide ample work area in an enclosed or open-air design. Track Rigs can be tele-operated or controlled via the existing driving station.

All of our platforms are designed and built to produce the highest maximum safe vertical push force possible. Load compensated, variable fl ow hydraulics are used for smooth, quiet operation. Counterbalance and check valves are included in both the push and leveling systems for uncompromised operator safety. Our CPT platforms provide ample work area, improving operator safety and reducing the risk of damage to cables and probes.

Verteks crawlers and all terrain vehicle mounted CPT rigs can be built on a wide variety of platforms to suit your specif! c needs. Please contact one of our sales representatives to fi nd one best suited to your needs.

Vertek's Crawlers can be controlled either by walkbehind remote control or with a driving station built on to the platform depending on which type of chassis is being utilized.


  • Hydraulic leveling with extension for truck transport
  • Tilt back rams
  • Enclosed or open work area

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