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- Model FFD - In-Situ Fuel Fluorescence Detector



Vertek’s In-Situ Fuel Fluorescence Detector (FFD) measures fluorescence produced by aromatic hydrocarbons when excited by ultraviolet (UV) light. This tool is designed to screen and define subsurface plumes and provide discrete depths for soil and groundwater sampling. Vertek’s FFD significantly reduces the time required to detect and characterize hydrocarbon fuels and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The FFD probe system generates minimal investigation-derived waste, reducing containment and disposal costs.

VTK Compatibility
The FFD module is designed to be attached to the VTK line of digital cones to conduct geotechnical and environmental site investigations simultaneously. The module may also be advanced as a stand-alone in-situ detector when strictly environmental results are required.

High Sensitivity Option
Using photo multiplier tubes and traditional UV mercury lamps, the High Sensitivity Probe identifies low levels of contamination more readily.

Continuous Measurement
Vertek’s FFD provides a continuous, real-time output of fluorescence through the entire sounding. This information can be viewed graphically in realtime with Vertek’s Data Acquisition System (DAS) as the probe is advanced, providing a more complete characterization of the plume’s extent than traditional discrete sampling techniques

  • Depth measurements with 1mm accuracy.
  • Excites aromatic hydrocarbon contamination above and below the ground water table.
  • Licensed and patented sapphire window technology for long window life and high transmissivity of UV light.
  • Dual filtered detectors sense the full range of light to heavy fuel types (aromatic hydrocarbons).
  • Output into software package of choice for 3D cross-sectional hydrocarbon contamination layer profile.

  • UV Light Source : 10Hz Pulsed LED
  • Excitation Wavelength : 254nm
  • Housing : Hardened Steel with Durable Coating
  • Optical Window : Replaceable Sapphire
  • Detection Limit : <100ppm (TPII) in Sandy Soil (Fuel & Soil Dependent)
  • Power : 12VDC, 0.2A, 2.4W
  • Dual Detector Outputs : Light (LFFD) & Heavy Fuels (HFFD)
  • Optional Filter Wave lengths : Per Customer Specification

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